Wall of Fame Inductees 2016

Left to Right: Michael Crowder, Class of 1966, he also accepted a plaque for his brother, Frank Gary Crowder, Class of 1963,Terrell Clift, Class of 1957, Dr. Leonard Hines, Class of 1958, Dr. Larrissa Harris Henderson, Class of 1969, Sandra White Perry, Class of 1964, Judy Davis and Mark Field, wife and brother of Lynn Davis, Class of 1968, Kitty Sharp, wife of Dicky Sharp, FHS Alumni Teacher Award, Jerry Wrinkle, Class of 1952 and Dr. Jerry Winston, Class of 1961

Wall of Fame Inductees 2014

Front Row Left to Right: Harry Tindell '78, Kitty Curtin Hatcher '74, Herb Newton '68, John Burkhart '67, Jerry Cash '61 Homer "Andy Anderson '60, Son of Tommie Reno Walker '56, Charlie Durham '53

Back Row Left to Right: Brother of Jackie Walker '68, Cousin of Ronnie Knight '61, Daughter of Joyce Latham Lobetti '59, Daughter of Sandra Armstrong Byrd '56, Ray Abbas '92, D. J. Corcoran '83, Reggie Dabbs '82, Eddie Speaks '79

Wall of Fame Inductees 2012

From left to right: Back row; Buck Coatney '80, Eddie Willis '60, D.D. Lewis '64, Rob Widby '63, Bill Justus '65 Front row; Tom Jensen '52, Molly Shults Meighan '55, James Whedbee '62, Jack Barry '66, Russell Mayes '95

Wall of Fame Inductees 2011

From left to right: Tim Parker '77, Joan Allen '57, Doug White '70,
Melissa White '71, Alan Carmichael '65 and Ed Cureton '56

Wall of Fame Inductees 2010

From left to right: Jeff Jarnigan '77, John and Helen Coatney '60,
Carolyn Jensen '56, Tom Scott '61 and Mike Campbell '72

Wall of Fame Inductees 2009

From left to right: Bob Black '60, Bill Warwick '56, Sandra Cottrell '52 (deceased, accepted on her behalf by Sallie Young), Gloria Ray '65 and Larry Cox '60

FHS Alumni Wall of Fame

Dicky Sharp
FHS Alumni Association Teacher Award

Dr. Jerry Winston
Class of '61

Dr. Larrissa Harris Henderson
Class of '69

Frank Gary Crowder
Class of '63

Jerry Wrinkle
Class of '52

Dr. Leonard Harvey Hines
Class of '58

Lincoln Lynn Davis
Class of '68

Michael Crowder
Class of '66

Sandra White Perry
Class of '64

Terrell Clift
Class of '57

Ray Abbas
Class of '92

Homer Anderson
Class of '60

John Burkhart
Class of '67

Sandra Armstrong Byrd
Class of '56

Jerry Cash
Class of '61

Daniel Corcoran
Class of '83

Sandra A. Cottrell
Class of '52

Reggie Dabbs
Class of '82

Charlie Durham
Class of '53

Kitty Curtin Hatcher
Class of '74

Ronnie Knight
Class of '61

Joyce Latham Lobetti
Class of '61

Herb Newton
Class of '61

Eddie Speeks
Class of '79

Harry Tindell
Class of '78

Jackie Walker
Class of '68

Tommie Reno Walker
Class of '56

Buck Coatney
Class of '80

Jeff Jarnigan
Class of '77

Tim Parker
Class of '77

Mike Campbell
Class of '72

Doug & Melissa White
Class of '70 & '71

Jack Barry
Class of '66

Allen Carmichael
Class of '65

Bill Justus
Class of '65

Gloria Ray
Class of '65

D.D. Lewis
Class of '64

Ron Widby
Class of '63

Rev. James Whedbee
Class of '62

Tom Scott
Class of '61

Bob Black
Class of '60

John & Helen Coatney
Class of '60

Larry Cox
Class of '60

Eddie Willis
Class of '60

Joan Allen
Class of '57

Ed Cureton
Class of '56

Carolyn Jensen
Class of '56

Bill Warwick
Class of '56

Molly Shults Meighan
Class of '55

Tom Jensen
Class of '52

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